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many worlds

All the reasons the heart couldn’t form, a humble stem/kitsch in your mother’s attic:there’s a hundred hours left still,and the sun won’t really setjust sway into someone                  a world away,  looks like you, looks like I,holds a star like space holds/ limitless. Even how love, was the baby frog I keptin my…

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us, mirror

The way of a mind like a seedon the wind floats up instead of with the windsomehow, or people bornwedged in sidewalk cracks deep away from the sunknow where happiness resides tumbling upon its arrival:in this I feel almost a lucky misfit. Even a self divided is scattered like pageslost within the house with no binding. I see windows in…

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Who We Are

There are too many versions of self lost from many iterations/ I seeping in tender aggression over it/ I, containing all echoes resounds and thinks in-between such things where associations flow without influence: I wonder if the truth is there same like a stem makes a leaf makes a tree in infinitum ‘the way of the way:’ waves rising out…

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