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Fear of Abandonment

I tried to remember back thenwhen she left for a new worldcalling me a woman-childwe like two tonguestied in our two-headedness when she saw violence in little girlshaving no universe excepta naked root in the sunand too many endings like her father’s plinth of madness;my mother sat upon his thorned heart and any crack, she shone me in the dark…

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(According to NASA, as it flies, a plane is in the center of four forces. Lift (upward force) and thrust (forward push, provided by a propeller) get a plane into the air. Gravity and drag (air resistance, which is friction) try to pull the plane down and slow its speed. A plane must be built so that lift and thrust…

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Memory Still

I need photographs of you to remember the way you smiled at me moments that cannot be re- drawn with crayons or pounded into the present with frustrated shrieks. I have a string. It is a thread of grey long and trailing behind over the horizon; I am walking on a highway back somewhere where has that place gone? If…

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