Author: Stephanie McManus

Please come visit for poetry described as whimsical, daring and perceptive. My writing tends to reflect on life experiences and the transformation of perceptions and subjective experiences into new states of mind. This site is unedited and raw. My journey with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can be found at This is a new website. My aim is to explore the process of acceptance through un-edited reflection and introspection. Another goal for this site as it unfolds is to provide support to others living with chronic illness. Please feel confident in opening up and discussing how I can make this a helpful website for you as it evolves. Thank you for stopping by!


Young and drawing in light‘to grow up,’ holds themoon’s shadow, swallowsthe sun, too slowlyand it’s better than soupwarming the lips/it burns | move alongor maybe this burningplace will hold on to gravity of theheart, slumbering stone,eyes like a cup of black tea. But, a humancares against common sense,same way a star sinks into nowhere and givesa world and gives a…

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I believe in the soft, distracted smile turning my way and the girl who draws vines on her white Keds in permanent marker. I believe in stately trees and turning pages beneath their boughs with searching hands. The adept hand signing, “hello” when there are no words to be heard or knitting colorful yarns on telephone poles. I believe in…

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unfinished credo

We, built like river reeds wrench the heart, holding on who      root claws upon rock & between crevices like orchids hold the very air they need/ here in the jungle’s lungs and must pull       pull hard as feels unnecessary when everyone says it should be easy, but the air is thin broken air, the slaying/ Oh, of man’s sadness for…

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many worlds

All the reasons the heart couldn’t form, a humble stem/kitsch in your mother’s attic:there’s a hundred hours left still,and the sun won’t really setjust sway into someone                  a world away,  looks like you, looks like I,holds a star like space holds/ limitless. Even how love, was the baby frog I keptin my…

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the crash

Truth is to forget underwater how the waves crash beneath the seam how the waves crash truth in seconds how under the shower I crash how in dreams I collide with colossus and tragedy and conquer/ uninhibited, un-able to drive seed to stem. Truth: I forget to crash beneath and end up above the waves in holy love thinking this…

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us, mirror

The way of a mind like a seedon the wind floats up instead of with the windsomehow, or people bornwedged in sidewalk cracks deep away from the sunknow where happiness resides tumbling upon its arrival:in this I feel almost a lucky misfit. Even a self divided is scattered like pageslost within the house with no binding. I see windows in…

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