Memory Still

I need photographs of you to remember
the way you smiled at me
moments that cannot be re-
drawn with crayons
or pounded into the present
with frustrated shrieks.

I have a string.
It is a thread of grey
long and trailing behind over
the horizon; I am walking
on a highway back

where has that place gone?

If I follow the thread back,
will I find you there?
Or, are memories scaled in shades
of black and white
fluttering like a bird’s heart?

I don’t really need the photographs
to remember; it is that I
wish to flesh out memory until
you are standing before me

a reflection of who I am
and so spectacularly,
who you are

and tip-toe up to kiss you
gently, breathing life
into your eyes that
was gone

to see you smile.


7 thoughts on “Memory Still”

    1. That’s interesting. Sometimes I feel the emotion is making it ‘less.’ Like I need to be more subtle…I fluctuate between that reigned in sort and the full-out emotion. Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Good work, Stephanie! Love the crayons and the string and the tip-toeing, so evocative of childhood, and the life the memory has, so much so to give life to one who has lost it. A wonderful way to imagine it.

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